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"H-H-H-H----ere's Puppy!"

She is a cute girl. Most of the times she's acting like a naughty boy - is "tomboy" the right word for her? Seriously, she's really, really cute. She came to MM & JE's door in 1994. Right after that MM & JE went to TW for a brief visit. She stayed with a neighbor's kids and cats. After that, she's not afraid of the big cat (about twice her size) any more. Like the TV show - everybody loves "Puppy"

Meet Puppy (Puppydog)

AKA Cutest Dog in town. Loves all neighbors, especially kids, but loves her buddy master the most. Found her owners 9 years ago in Texas, U.S.A. Has proven to be the most loyal and happy dog ever. Over the years Puppy has learned that the best things in life is called B.B.Q ribs, especially the ones made by DeDaddy. (See the Photo Page for the best B.B.Q cook in Texas.)


Here's a list of tricks we can do:
Wag the tail
roll on grass or carpet
bark "yes" when asked for a treat
just whine...

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